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Kurkuma (Curcuma longa) 111 g

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Usage: The finely ground root of this plant helps to keep the normal activity of the liver, kardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory system and skin condition. It is a strong antioxidant and ensures the normal condition of the joints and has a beneficial effect on the digestion of fatty foods. It has a delicate spicy flavor and aroma.

This tropical herb was used as a spice and pigment. Cultivated for rhizomes, sometimes called "yellow ginger". Curcuma contains a bright yellow pigment called curcumin and a sharp scent. The pigment is used to colour butter, fats, cheese, creams, and liqueurs, but also other materials such as fabric, wood, etc.  Curcuma is mainly used for preparing sauces, soups, potatoes, rice and vegetables. The Curcuma is contained in vorcestr sauce and Kari spices. 

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Quantity: Not more than 2 g per day

Ingredients: raw material 100% finely ground powder

Weight: 111 g

Manufacturer: Adéla Vondrášková, Pičín 53