Při každé objednávce nad 1.000Kč, která obsahuje aspoň jednu z čajových směsí, od nás získáte jako dárek jedno balení nálevových sáčků.

Somatex is a device that can reliably eliminate and then completely remove unwanted influences of geopathogenic, pathogenic and psychosomatic zones, including electrosmog and heavy metals. Somatex was constructed after several years of research and testing. It was tested and verified not only by natural scientists, but also by operators of diagnostic and therapeutic centres using the following devices: TimeWaver, Bicom, Life-System, Inergetics CoRe and others.

Somatex also eliminates other negative influences that affect physical and spiritual health. Somatex is used to evoke overall perfect harmony of body and mind. It harmonizes the family relationships and improves metabolism and sleep. It is important for the cleanup of both domestic and corporate environment. The Somatex range radius is 30 m in the form of a ball around the unit. Its radiation permeates house walls, same as the negative impact of geopathogenic zones.
Adverse effects of geopathogenic zones may manifest differently depending on location, intensity and also sensitivity of each of us. Milder harmful effects of geopathogenic zones (GPZ) manifest as discomfort at the physical or mental level. The physical manifestations include headache, back pain, spinal disorders, persistent rheumatic problems, stiff muscles and overall internal tension. From the mental point of view, these are often nervousness, restlessness, irritability, exhaustion, or inability to concentrate on work. Let me give a few examples: constant weakness when getting up in the morning – a feeling of clumsiness, insomnia or restless dreams – children seek haven with their parents (at night), older children change the sleeping place, nervous diseases, digestive tract disorders, chronic catarrh of the throat and the stomach, heart diseases. The variety of potential problems is very broad. In addition to energy depletion, geopathogenic zones may also be the cause behind formation and persistence of oncological diseases.


Certifikát IGEF