Při každé objednávce nad 1.000Kč, která obsahuje aspoň jednu z čajových směsí, od nás získáte jako dárek jedno balení nálevových sáčků.

What is Somavedic

What is Somavedic and how does it work?

Somavedic is a "device” harmonizing the environment in which we live...

Somavedic´s outstanding results are backed with excellent experience from many bioresonance centres and are also credibly documented by numerous cases of mutual interaction with BICOM bioresonance therapy, where Somavedic deployment in follow-up treatment has always provided for harmonization of the organs affected by a disease as Somavedic changes the wrong settings according to the frequencies from bioresonance devices.

The principle of Somavedic operation will probably be hardly imaginable for most people who are not familiar with this topic, but in fact it is derived from the comprehensive knowledge and many years of research relating particularly to the properties of minerals and the effect of their specific vibrations on the ambient environment and the human body.

Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from minerals. These include primarily semi-precious or precious stones in a special configuration, which form the core of Somavedic.

It is well-known that each specific mineral "vibrates” at a certain frequency (this is true not only of minerals but also of everything else!) and has the ability to radiate this vibration to the surrounding environment, influencing it in a particular way. This is, to a certain extent, the basis of therapeutic or healing use of precious stones, which is, however, usually limited to the use of individual stones only.

Minerals actually hide an unimaginable amount of energy that we are not able to fully exploit yet. This energy is normally in a latent state so as a rule it does not manifest itself very significantly, of course. The frequency range in which individual minerals "vibrate” is scientifically substantiated and this knowledge is used for optimal functioning and setting of Somavedic devices according to their specialization. It has been established that if specific minerals in a certain exact configuration are let to work in correlation, these mutually supporting vibrations can in a certain way finetune the ambient environment – be it a geopathogenic zone or other influences that also vibrate at a certain frequency range. Therefore, based on this principle, the influence of negative vibrations is compensated and a harmonious environment for our longterm happy and healthy life full of energy is established... ... that is the reason for using Somavedic